Our Experience

With over 10 years of experience, ITNNOVATION offers high quality IT services that spans the entire application development life cycle through an important agile methodology and variety of services that include:

  • Custom Software Development
  • NET and Java frameworks
  • Mobile Application Development
  • Cloud Computing
  • Telecom
  • Advanced Mathematical Algorithms
  • Enterprise Application Integration

Founded with a vision to take lead position in the industry, ITNNOVATION has pursued the passion of making our clients’ business stand out from the ordinary by providing our quick “on-demand” resources, technology, expertise and experience when needed.


Operational goals

As part of the Meccano Technology Group and supported on years of expertise, at ITNNOVATION we follow a client focused and collaborative approach to maximize your overall business potential. Our range of business consulting services goes from business strategy development to application deployment, enabling you to automate the entire operation of your enterprise.

We design processes, certify people and contribute with the most accurate and innovative technology that deliver efficient solutions for all types of industries.

Integral consulting leaders

We have established a hard-working and innovative team of entrepreneurs, leaders and software development experts which together add years of experience in different business sectors such as industry, financial, distribution, automotive and government.

LOCATION: Mexico, your next stop neighbor

Our headquarters are based in Torreon city located in the Northeastern state of Coahuila and West of Monterrey, one of the biggest metropolitan areas in Mexico and one of the country most important economic and industrial centers.

The state of Coahuila is home to 44 higher Education Institutions with over 2,300 annual IT career graduates and highly trained technical workforce that speaks fluent English. It is also well known that Coahuila is the world’s larger silver producer with growing automobile and technology industries.

For U.S. companies, near shoring in Mexico has become a perfect alternative, due to our Central Standard Time (CST), easy and inexpensive travels, cultural similarities and significant cost savings, among many other advantages.


Doing business with Mexico: A Trusted Partner

Break off the questionable standing of near shoring services!
Doing business with Mexico provides business benefits that come with political stability and a defined framework with legal and IP protection (from NAFTA). Mexico’s shared time zone enables real-time solutions and easy exchange of information between U.S. customers and Mexico IT providers.

Its geographical proximity reduces total expenditure in air travel and phone communications. Nearshoring – offshoring to a border country – facilitates face-to-face meetings and on site visits, enhancing trust specially since it’s more likely to speak the same language. The country’s advanced and efficient communication infrastructure ensures fast deployment of IT global delivery centers.

Mexico’s growing software and IT services development sector comprises nearly 500,000 IT professionals annually.

Those who invest in Mexico’s technology industry get tax credits for R&D, a reduction of corporate taxes and no value-added tax for exported services (as of NAFTA).

Mexico’s business environment offers many competitive advantages as a possible international partner.

These advantages are reflected in the following data:

  • Mexico ranks 9th economy in the world as GDP and 1st in Latin America.
  • It is the 8th export country worldwide with a total trade larger than Brazil, Argentina and Chile combined.
  • It is the 1st exporter of Latin America.
  • 34% of its GDP come from exports.
  • Around 85% of its exports are manufacturing goods.
  • Crude oil only represents 11.3% of total exports.


In order to provide a better service, we have developed a consistent work alliances with several other companies, such as DELL, Globalscape, Wide Technology, Psycowin, Rosvel, ITSoluciones, Fabrica Grafica, PCG, DITSA and NIIT México, each one of them with different and unique expertise areas.


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