Business Model

We believe that technology, processes and people are the key components of an organization management structure and by providing our clients with fact-based strategic solutions that meet the increasing business demands and adopting a comprehensive methodology to deliver practical value based strategies and technology solutions, we can help you transform your organization into a market responsive company.

Our business model, deliver efficient solutions for all types of industries through process design, people certification and contributing with the most accurate and innovative technology.

Captive Entity Models: migrating to captivate entity models will help you extend your organization which is essential to empower large global firms in risk control, money saving and efficiency increases.

Talent Seeking Program: We are always searching for young creative enterprisers to reinforce our team. That is why we have created a talent seeking program, establishing agreements with several prestigious universities in Latin America, which include ITESM (Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey), UIA (Universidad Iberoamericana), UVM (Universidad del Valle de México), and ITL (Instituto Tecnológico de La Laguna) among others. We also have special collaboration with NIIT Mexico, which allows us to access highly prepared local talent easily, and to be able to expand quickly as needed.

Career Development Plan: We care about the retention and improvement of our employees, that´s why we have created a career plan which is the path an employee must follow in order to reach his full potential. A sets of test and interviews helps determine the current level of the employee and the steps required for him or her to reach the desired level and area of expertise.



Selection and 360º assessment = as part of our methodology during talent selection, individuals are Evaluated in 3 key areas (human, technical and business).





Nearshore Development

Having a development team in Mexico gives your company additional benefits, such as shorter travel time and more cultural alignment between you and your extended team plus the protection of your Intellectual Property through NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement).

ITNNOVATION´s nearshoring services offer the following benefits:

  • Same time zones
  • Short and inexpensive trips
  • Cultural similarities
  • Significant cost savings
  • Fluent English speakers
  • Intellectual property protection

Due to different projects and priorities, we can establish a remote development team or provide experienced resources by number of hours per month.

In order to work with local and remote teams and achieve a high level of Quality in our products, we have established our own methodology and SLC (Software life cycle), ensuring the complete satisfaction of our clients.

IT Software Development

ITNnovation specializes in full Enterprise Application Integration, consulting for Microsoft & Java platforms, as well as software development products, plus our R&D, engineering, automation and Advanced Mathematical Algorithms specialties.

The group of people that integrate ITNnovation, add over 10 years of experience in different areas such as industry, retail, services and government.

System Integration

Integrating new or additional technologies into your network and organization may seem a complex and sometimes overwhelming task, but not for an expert who has already done it. ITNnovation can fulfill all your system integration requirements from core network integrations and expansions to BSS/OSS and Plataforms integrations and adaptations. ITNnovation can either oversee these activities that are typically supplied by technology vendors. Development our service is oriented to develop Application Related Services of solutions embraces the entire application lifecycle. The experience, paired with CMM methodologies and the unmatched cost-effectiveness of the Near Shore Model, conform compelling value proposition. ITNnovation improves the efficiency of all processes along with the complete application lifecycle, from the conceptual idea and definition to maintenance and support

IT Management & Consulting

Our IT management services transfer all or part of the day-to-day management responsibility for a customer’s network environment (including LAN hardware and software).

These services may include system operation or support, capacity planning, asset management, availability management, performance management, administration, security, remote monitoring, technical diagnostics/troubleshooting, configuration management, system repair management and generation of management reports. Network remote monitoring and management, and backup and recovery services, also fall into this category when some degree of management is included in the service.

Telecom Software Development

The pace of sending IT work out of G8 nations is still growing rapidly. Some of our clients are sending work around the globe to lower their total cost of ownership while hoping to maintain a high degree of quality. We perform all aspects of our service offerings at our near-shore facility. From Design Planning and Requirement Specification to Functional and Performance Test Execution and Management, our team of consultants, senior consultants and managers has the knowledge and experience to provide exceptional off-site services during normal US business hours. This allows for significant price reductions without having the team work in a vacuum during US “off hours” or stay up all night to be available during regular US hours. Operation and Support Systems (OSS) Our clients more and more are on a need of experienced consultants to solved and improved the results of the cellular network, for these ITNnovation has the knowledge on the OSS integration services, application design and test, Alarm Correlation, Fault Management Expert (FMX) to achieve our customer goals.

System Modernization

System modernization is often a large project. Because these legacy systems are often critical in the operations of most enterprises, deploying the modernized system all at once introduces an unacceptable level of operational risk. As a result, legacy systems are typically modernized incrementally. Initially, the system consists completely of legacy code. As each increment is completed, the percentage of legacy code decreases. Eventually, the system is completely modernized. A migration strategy must ensure that the system remains fully functional during the modernization effort.


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